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E-books by Adrian Sommeling

Adrian Sommeling introduces in this video his two new E-books: Studio Portrait Light Setups and The WOW factor. With the first E-book, Adrian explains with the help of dozens of examples how to deal with studio lighting in different setups. A very handy explanation for beginning photographers, but no less interesting for advanced photographers! 
The second E-book, the WOW factor, is for anyone who is working with images. With this E-book Adrian Sommeling shows you his visual art of photography. He has gained a lot of experience in recent years. Not only as a photographer, but especially the experience of seeing the world around him and translating it into images. He introduces you to surprising variables. These form new tools to further develop yourself as a photographer. A valuable book and a must have for every photographer! Regardless of whether you shoot with a smartphone or digital camera! 

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