About me

I'm Richard Wakefield and I am a photographer, filmmaker and educator based in Oxfordshire, UK. For almost 15 years, I have created behind-the-scenes films for top photographers, which has inspired me to delve more into the world of creative photo shoots. The main elements or features of my photography are what I call the '3 C's'; conceptual, cinematic, colour. In my tutorials I'll be aiming to show how those elements can really lead to striking, quirky and original shoots - I can't wait to show you!

Skull Doll Tutorial - Part 1

Visual Artist Richard takes you to a special effect shooting. Creating doll images. In this video he shows you how to deal with shooting a background that matches the doll image and other lighting techniques. But also how he depends on makeup and all kinds of effects that can be made with makeup. By collaborating with other specialists you can create beautiful images together. Richard shows you his working method from which you can learn a lot.

Topics covered in my videos