About me

My name is Humberto Tan, passionate photographer and storyteller from the Netherlands. From origin I am a TV journalist but after winning a TV photography contest I promised myself to get better in making pictures. It became my outlet for my creativity to tell inspiring stories and connecting people. I am inspired by Gordon Parks, Henri Cartier Bresson and Frans Lanting. I love to meet people I don’t know. People with a story… I am waiting for your story!

The art of street photography by Humberto Tan

Street photography is a very special sport of photography. It involves different challenges and disciplines. Which helps to have a mission. Humberto has chosen Amsterdam for his project '1 City, 100 Nationalities'. A city like this is visited by many nationalities all over the world and lends itself perfectly to this project. Humberto shows how he approaches people and shows them in front of his camera.