About me

Hi, my name is Dmitry Rogozhkin from Malmyzh city in Russia. I started out with a compact but upgraded soon to a DSLR when I studied at the University of Architecture. For me photography is my convenient way of self expression. In the past years I have learned a lot in practice and as a Mango Ice member I will show you my way of photography. I will also give you an insight of my working methods; how to use light and color, but also learn you about compositions.

Customisers - part 1

The photo that Dmitry shows at the beginning of this video is discussed in detail by him. The light set-up is special and above all complicated one. The 'Movie style' set-up mentioned gives a unique atmosphere that fits perfectly with the image that Dmitry intended to shoot. The difference between a movie-style shoot and a movie is mainly that the story has to be told with a single image. That's where the real challenge lies. How Dmitry does this is shown in this video.