About me

I'm Albert Dros, professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands. I have a background in Multimedia & Design and a Master Degree in Multimedia & Entertainment technology. You can find my work in big media channels worldwide, like National Geographic, Adobe, TIME and more. I am always on the hunt for magic light and the best possible conditions to photograph. An erupting volcano aligned with the milky way, Epic moon shots next to buildings, solar eclipses with a model, I have done it all.

Shooting the Super Moon

A super moon is a full moon that looks much bigger than normal and is a lot brighter. That is because the object is closer to the Earth than to a normal full moon. On average, the distance between the moon and the Earth is 384,000 kilometers. At a super moon, the moon is 'only' 357,000 kilometers away from us. A super moon occurs about three to four times a year. Albert Dros shows you how he shoots this spectacular phenomenon. Very instructive and handy to take with you when you are going to shoot your own super moon!