About me

Hello, my name is Adrian Sommeling and I am a photographer/digital artist. I live in the Netherlands in the city of Arnhem. Before I started with photography I had my own advertising agency for 20 years. The latter is also reflected in my photos. They are mainly storytelling. Most of my images consist of several photos that I merge into Photoshop to create one new realistic image. I have taught this technique all over the world and will continue with it on Mango Ice. This technique and more.

The beautiful Borobudur put in the light

Sometimes you arrive at a place that is special, but where the light is just not as you intended it to be. Adrian shows you that this doesn't have to be a problem. For example, by adding another sky, a mist and a warm colour, you can easily create a beautiful incidence of light, in which case the largest Buddhist monument in the world, the Borobudur, is depicted even more spectacularly. Adrian will show you what it takes.