Privacy statement


Privacy Statement

Mango Ice Photography processes personal data. We would like to inform you about this clearly and transparently. In this privacy statement we provide answers to the most important questions about the processing of personal data by Mango Ice Photography.

In this privacy statement we explain how we handle the processing of personal data. We also give examples to make this explanation as clear as possible. Do you have any questions about this privacy statement? Please contact us via [email protected].

1. What does Mango Ice Photography mean with the processing of personal data?

This privacy statement is about the processing of personal data. What do these words mean?

2. Processing

Anything that can be done with personal data. For example, the collection, but also the storage, use, transmission and deletion of data.

We process personal data of people who are:

  • visiting our site
  • subscribe to our newsletter(s)
  • receiving our newsletter(s)
  • contact us
  • become a subscriber

3. How does Mango Ice Photography obtain your personal data?

We receive your information because you give it to us yourself. For example, because you leave your email address because you subscribe to our newsletter. We or third parties also place some cookies that process personal data with your permission. You can read about these in our cookie statement

4. What are the goals and principles for the processing of personal data by Mango Ice Photography?

For the development and improvement of our products and services

In order to be of good service to you and to be able to innovate, we constantly develop and improve. We do this for ourselves and sometimes also for other parties.

When analysing your visit to our website, we process data. We do this to improve our website.

We also conduct research to improve our products and services. This way we can ask you what you think of our website. You do not have to participate in such research. This is on a voluntary basis.

We sometimes use other parties to process your data for this purpose. For example, to measure or to ask you how we can improve our services. These other parties then act on behalf of Mango Ice.

We process your data because we have a legitimate interest in doing so. We can also ask you for permission to process your data for the development and improvement of our products and services.

For relationship management, promotion and marketing purposes

We process your personal data for relationship management, promotion and marketing purposes. In doing so, we use information that we hold about you, such as click behaviour on our website.

We may use your information to inform you about a product that may be of interest to you. A few examples: for example, if we want to launch a specific product or service aimed at photographers with a particular specialism, where we inform you by mail or newsletter.

We may also use the services of advertisers to place advertisements intended for a specific target group. We let you know for which target group or type of profile our advertisement is intended. The advertiser will then place the advertisement with the people who fall into that target group or who meet that profile. We never share data of individual customers with such an advertiser.

Don't you want us to use your data for 'direct marketing'? Then you can unsubscribe from the newsletter or by sending an email to [email protected].


We process your data because we have a legitimate interest in doing so. We may also ask for your permission to process your data for promotional and marketing purposes.

5. How long does Mango Ice Photography store your personal data?

We do not keep your information longer than we need it for the purposes for which we have collected it or for which we reuse it. Mango Ice Photography has a retention policy. This policy determines how long we keep data. If you unsubscribe from the newsletter, we will store your data 6 months after unsubscribing.

If we no longer need the data for the purposes described above, we may still retain the data for archiving, legal proceedings or for historical or scientific research or statistical purposes.

6. Who within Mango Ice Photography has access to your data?

Within Mango Ice Photography, only persons who need access to your personal data in view of their function, have access to your personal data. All these persons have a duty of confidentiality.

7. Does Mango Ice Photography also use personal data for other purposes?

Do we want to use data for a different purpose than the one for which we received it? Then we are allowed to do so if there is a close connection between the two purposes.

Is there insufficient relationship between the purpose for which we have obtained the data and the new purpose? Then we will ask for your permission.

You can always revoke your consent by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

8. Does Mango Ice Photography make automatic decisions about me?

Automatic decisions are decisions about you that are made by computers, and not (anymore) by people. The law allows Mango Ice Photography to use automated decisions including profiling. But there are certain rules for that. At the moment Mango Ice Photography does not use fully automated decision making.

9. Does Mango Ice Photography pass on your personal data to others?

Sometimes we use other parties/business partners who process personal data on our behalf. For example, an external party that provides us with a customer mailing and needs your name and address to do so. Or parties that host and manage the website for us.

These parties must first be considered sufficiently reliable by us. We can only engage other parties if this fits in with the purpose for which we have processed your personal data. For example, for promotional and marketing purposes.

In addition, this other party can only receive our order if it makes certain agreements with us and has demonstrably taken appropriate security measures and guarantees confidentiality. Your personal data may also be exchanged with other parties that we involve in our business operations or the performance of our services.

10. What rights do you have at Mango Ice Photography?

a. right to information

With this privacy statement Mango Ice Photography informs you about what it does with your data. Sometimes we give you more or different information. Also, if there are other reasons to inform you besides the privacy statement, we will do so. We can do this by means of an email or in another way chosen by us.

b. Right of access and rectification

At [email protected] you can ask us if and what data we process about you. If this is the case, we can give you access to the data that we have processed about you. Do you think that your personal data has been processed incorrectly or incompletely? If so, you can ask us at [email protected] to change or supplement the details (rectification).

c. right to erase data

You can ask us at [email protected] to delete any data we have recorded about you. For example, if you object to the processing of your data. Your interest must also take precedence over the interest of Mango Ice Photography in processing the data.

d. right to limitation

You can ask us at [email protected] to limit the personal data we process about you. This means that we process less data about you.

e. Right to data portability

You have the right to ask us at [email protected] to obtain or transfer to another party data that you have provided to us or to us with your consent in a structured and machine-readable form in the context of contact, visit or the newsletter. Do you ask for data to be transferred directly to another party? This is only possible if it is technically possible.

f. right to object to processing on the basis of a legitimate interest

Do we process your data because we have a legitimate interest in doing so? If so, you can object to this. We will then make a new assessment to determine whether or not your data can no longer be used for this purpose. We will cease processing if your interests outweigh our interests. We will let you know what our decision is, stating our reasons.

g. Right of objection to direct marketing

You have the right to ask us at [email protected] to stop using your data for direct marketing purposes. It is possible that your objection only relates to an approach via a specific channel. We will then ensure that you are no longer approached via that particular channel.

Have you made any of the above requests to us? We will respond to such a request within one month of receiving it.

We may ask you to specify your request for access. In very specific cases, we may extend the period within which we respond to a maximum of three months. We will then keep you informed of the progress of your request.

We may ask you to identify yourself if you make a request to us. For example, in the case of a request for access and data portability, we want to be sure that we are providing your details to the right person. For example, we ask you to reveal your identity and have it checked by us.

It is possible that we will not comply with your request. For example, because this will harm the rights of others, or because the law or the police, the public prosecutor's office or any other government agency do not allow this. Or because we have weighed up the interests of Mango Ice Photography or others in order to process the data. Then we'll let you know as well.

Do we change your data? Or do we delete your data at your request? Then we will let you know. And where possible also inform the recipients of your data about this.

11. Can Mango Ice Photography change this privacy statement?

Yes, our privacy statement may change from time to time. If there are new data processing operations, we will adjust the privacy statement accordingly. And if these changes are also important to you, we will draw your attention to them, or we will notify you of the changes in a striking way. The most recent version of our privacy statement can always be found at