Currently we accept Credit Cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay (we aim to add more payment methods as soon as possible). We process payments through specialised third party payment platforms.Your information is submitted to them and we never store or even see your credit card details.
No, for now a subscription is always for half a year or one year.
Absolutely; your account will remain available for you while the subscription remains active until the renewal date. If you canceled your subscription during the active subscription period and want to reinstate the autorenewal, you may do so at any point in time.
For your convenience, your subscription continues automatically. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time.
Besides downloading Photoshop files, RAW files and light diagrams, Mango Ice will also always try to get discounts for its members everywhere. This can be on software, but also on photography accessories. We continuously try to get the best for our premium members.
No, not all videos. This often has to do with copyrights and portrait rights so it is not always possible to release files. But our goal is to release as many files as possible.
That depends on the license. Many files will only be for training purposes. For personal use. With these files you can start practicing what you saw in the video. Or to take your time to take a look at what each layer in Photoshop does with regard to a particular photo. However, there will also be photo sets released, with which you can do anything. You can use them in your own work, even if it concerns a commercial assignment. However, you may not resell these download files as a set or 1 on 1.
Most of the videos will be spoken in English. For videos where this is not the case, English subtitles will certainly be available.
The videos that are not spoken in English all have English subtitles. Not all English videos have subtitles, but we aim to have subtitles for each video in several languages in time.
Each photographer will try to make one video each month. Sometimes a photographer will also place multiple videos in one month. In case a photographer can't make a video due to force majeure, other photographers will try to catch it for him with extra videos.