About us


Photography is connecting...

Worldwide we, photographers, are connected with each other by means of images. With images we communicate and speak a universal language. How beautiful is that?

With images we communicate with others. With family and friends, but also with people who directly or indirectly come into contact with your image. The profession or hobby of photographer is incredibly beautiful in all its facets.

As a photographer on the road

Everyone knows his or her first steps in photography. The first phase of your career that mainly consisted of practice and taking in as much information as possible in between. You grow as a photographer, sometimes with enormous growing pains. Yet there are times when your growth is slower than you wish for whatever reason. Just because the knowledge is not within reach or because the source of inspiration is running out. You experience less satisfaction and you don't have a solution right away.

We, the group of photographers gathered in Mango Ice Photography, represent a number of important characteristics that are very interesting for you. We want to help you grow as a photographer and guide you through the process of photographic maturity. We will also share our knowledge with you so that you can make technical progress as well. Mango Ice Photography is characterized by three DNA's.


The work we will show with our videos is the result of the inspiration of us as a photographer. We have specialised in various disciplines and the knowledge that our work inspires you gives us great satisfaction.


A lot of knowledge is shared in the videos. Knowledge from image processing to setting up a light set-up, all photographic knowledge will come along. The educational information is versatile and will often help you to try out new ideas or to start experimenting.


Almost all Mango Ice photographers have been able to make their profession out of photography. For many it started as a passionate hobby and that is still the case for everyone, but now converted into a paid hobby. How can you, as a photographer, be distinctive with your work? That question is answered thanks to the three DNA's we offer you. Perhaps you can make your dream of working as a professional photographer come true...


By offering you this DNA mix and beautiful video content, we hope to inspire you and enrich your life as a photographer. We hope that you will be offered solutions and answers that will help you in your growth process as a photographer and will take you to a higher level. The most important factor is and remains the pleasure in photography and the continued sharing of images with which you tell your story.
Have fun!